11 July 2007

The Photo Finish

09 July 2007

final presentation_Chrysokona Mavrou + Ntovros Vasilis + Emmanouil Zaraukas

final presentation_Marco Ricci

final presentation_Raquel Asensio + Guillermo Oriol

final presentation_KX Designers

final presentation_Albert Morera

final presentation_Thomas Tsang

final presentation

more hand work

after laser cutting some hand work

red with red, green with green...

keeping the soldering station working, putting the microcontroller

soldering the circuit parts

building a circuit board

to atoms

from the bits...

06 July 2007

05 July 2007

Is this a tower?

Putting all the pieces together

Print out from the laser cutter, testing different intensities

03 July 2007

Design for the previous structure ready to be sent to the laser cutter

Creating structures out of plywood sections

Tests to create flexible pieces of plywood

"Quite impressive, huh?"

Katia and Xavier checking out the laser cutter

Thomas and Albert cutting a sheet of plywood so it fits on the Spirit laser cutter

Amy explaining the CNC milling machine

Vasileios Ntovros

Digital Tectonics 01, IaaC Barcelona 2006
Chrysokona Mavrou

Emmanouil Zaroukas

Guillermo Oriol

Albert Morera

Raquel Asensio

Katia R.Glossmann and Xavier Tutó

Stoefchen | 2006
Material: metallic facets.

Stoefchen combines light and use with its facets form that allows to warm up plates, teapots...being able to confuse like a table lamp.

Slices | 2007
Material: plywood with graphic applications.
Award: 2nd Prize Manacor Design Competition | 2007 Majorca, Spain.

A chair with graphic applications in plywood layers, an interpretation of ornamental wood engravings, proposing a present solution with fragments of history.

Marco Ricci

Thomas Tsang

Twin Reflex
Event: Spazio Aperti 05 at the Romanian Academy in Rome
Date: 2007
Material: LED bicycle lights

Scholar Garden
Exhibition: "Blank"
Presented by Beijing Youth Weekly at the Ke Center For Contemporary Art, Shanghai
Curated by Whitescape Foundation
Date: 2007
Material: Water, Steel and Plastic

02 July 2007

People just showed up at Fab Lab Bcn. We started with a self-presentation: bio + works + expectations about the workshop. We have a very diverse group. It is not so good to expect, but something is coming on...

29 June 2007

Setting up

Workshop leader
Amy Sun. MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Boston

Workshop assistants
Tomas Diéz. Fab Lab. Barcelona
Victor Vina. Fab Lab. Barcelona

1.Thomas Tsang. Architecture. Italy
2.Marco Ricci. Architecture. Italy
3.Katia R.Glossmann. Industrial design. Barcelona
4.Xavier Tutó. Industrial design. Barcelona
5.Raquel Asensio. Industrial design. Barcelona.
6.Albert Morera. Industrial design. Barcelona
7.Guillermo Oriol. Industrial design. Barcelona
8.Emmanouil Zaroukas. Architecture. Greece
9.Chrysokona Mavrou. Architecture. Greece
10.Vasileios Ntovros. Architecture. Greece
11.Daniel Ibañez. Architecture. Madrid

New workshop at Fab Lab Bcn in collaboration with MIT

July 2-6, 2007

Amy Sun from MIT Center for Bits and Atoms will be in Fab Lab Bcn to run the workshop '4x8', creating objects from a 4x8 feet sheet of plywood. The entries will aim to achieve excellence through the development of creative concepts, researching innovative digital fabrication processes and adding intelligence and interactivity through the application of sensors, actuators and microcontrollers.

All entries will be displayed and judged at a special exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

10-15 participants: product designers, interaction designers, architects, and other creative minds.